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Reviews for "Triggers & Safe Spaces : Foamy The Squirrel"

welcome back? and making alot of wonderful points once again.
oh and this is going to be front paged. true facts, this is so me, i take so much medication, its unreal.
fuck it, i rather be hiding under a band-aid then deal with bullshit. yeah i know i suck XD. love how foamy is progressing in design. and his sense of humor is undying. i'm glad i came back to newgrounds on time to luckily see this be uploaded into the portal.

I have five of the listed at the end card, and my lord foamy why would i ever send you anything hate? I listen to you for the rage, the hate, the venom!

Very likely my favorite Foamy rant. I feel like this one comes more of genuine anger at the time of making it than most & it really works well. I absolutely agree with the views expressed in this one. It makes me wish Foamy had a bigger voice, so to speak. We could use more logical rants around.
Glad to finally see this here on NG. Sorry YouTube's screwing ya, Jim, but hell, you always had NG.
Plus, this might be the best place to get your Patreon exploding.

You have those times where you're just browsing through the portal, taking a look at the animations that are being checked out, and you see this? Yes, you make a clever point about this world as it is, but it really is fitting too. Movements seem smooth, and I can't say I hate anything about this. Good work!

I think you have a new fan. I love you and I love this. Thought this was funny and informative. Good job man.