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Reviews for "Triggers & Safe Spaces : Foamy The Squirrel"

i really like the animation! it makes you draw faster

Yep, man, I agree...humanity has really dropped the ball here. Too many folks think the answer is in a pill or drug and what not when it ain't there. I too have anxiety and fear and ptsd in a milder form, but hey I cope with it all. Good job.

I'm with you, we need a safe space from idiots/humanity. And where's the big-boobed goth girl?

The animation is limited as always, which I always thought was the point so ima overlook that. I love the way you draw backgrounds! Very stylized and shit. As for the content itself, it seems as though you're very late to the party. I'm unsure as to why you would upload a 6 month old video with old ass topics attached here, it just doesn't seem to make any sense. Especially seeing as most of the people here seem already diverse in this topic, and those who aren't need reinforcement. The two cents in this Foamy video are almost like a broken record.

Well, it's nice to have you back more or less. I admit that the animation does seem better. Foamy looks like he has bags under his eyes. He's probably been drinking too much coffee. Caffeine is a drug, remember! Anyway, this was rather enjoyable.

Opposing religious beliefs? I've seen so much stand up comedy I'm immune to that stuff by now. You couldn't possibly be more offensive than Doug Stanhope. Could still use more animation. Why would Foamy animate something?