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Reviews for "Triggers & Safe Spaces : Foamy The Squirrel"

Good way to answer to all those crowd of haters who love killing time by hating I think.
It reminded me myself when they censored DeadOrAlive5 pc version.
But for not native english speaker such as me, subtitle would have been appreciated.

I want my safe space for intelligent people; I didn't even know "trigger" was a real thing I thought the internet made it up or some crap. people do more then take pills I fear, they do drugs and drink them selfs to the point of death. I now want a shirt that reads "Safe space for Intelligent people wanted!" Keep up the good work my squirrelly friend.

I guess there is no "Safe Space" for white privilege but people can make videos whining about it...

Now I'm not one to jump aboard bandwagons such as these, but I'm gonna have to solidly agree with a lot of points made here. While I wouldn't necessarily go to the degree of a few arguing points addressed, I can thoroughly accept that a lot of that shit DOES happen, and I've seen the kind of people that are centerfold to that. A lot of them don't even make sense to me; "I got these pills for when I wake up, I got these pills to keep me from crying myself to sleep, and these pills are for whenever someone tells me my waifu's hot garbage!"

I mean, we are creatures that dominated our entire planet, and that's just something you don't accomplish by curling up the moment things don't go your way. The cure for Polio didn't get made by crying in a corner. And this world's many leaders didn't shape society, for better or for worse, by living in a self-contained echo-chamber.

Well, the less said of recent world leaders, the better.

But yeah, I will admit: my generation is fucking filled to the brim with some really dense people. Everyone is so wrapped within their own petty non-problems, that they're afraid to just live life, with all the joy and pain that comes indivisible with it. It's just...nothing but superficial concerns, magnified to ridiculous degrees, to the point nobody wants to confront them. Yes, your favorite show got canceled, you're not dead yet. Quit panicking. Yes, someone said they like [Insert sports team] over [Insert other sports team]. What, are you gonna riot? Oh, some idiots actually are. That's delightful too, I guess. Oh hey, here comes that one guy that bitches that his neighbor isn't his skin color, OH YOU POOR FRAGILE PERSON. How dare that other guy decide he wanted to live next to you peacefully? Fuck that guy and his reasonable desires!

I'm ranting myself now, which is Ironic. Should probably focus on the review.

As far as rating goes, substance-wise, it IS just a rant, but I'm scoring it as high as I am out of principle: You can't expect everything you see and hear to be harmless and censored for your sake. Even if you disagree with the author of this submission, or even if you disagree with me, such a disagreement should not be one that's made personal. Nobody's out to get you, nobody's gonna destroy your world values just because they believe differently. That's just the world at play, my friends; and if that's something you can't handle, then the world is just going to keep moving without you.

Honestly I don't see these people in real life, maybe that's because I live under a rock, but it COULD be that the problem has been placed under a microscope; in doing so it not only looks bigger, but others that want power (even if that power can only make the world a shittier place to live) and attention see that this method is effective. They join the problem, use self-diagnosed disorders, triggers, and other made up bullshit to make them feel special, and as an excuse for why they are failures. Why become better when you can throw a tantrum and have the fame you couldn't get any other way, power you couldn't hope to possess any other way? It's not that most of these people CAN'T handle life, they choose not to because acting like a toddler gets attention, acting like a toddler gets things baby-proofed for you, and acting like a toddler is so much easier than doing something worthwhile.