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Reviews for "Triggers & Safe Spaces : Foamy The Squirrel"

The psych drugs truly don't do a thing good for you. Look up benzodiazepines and the side effects. They help you for a few weeks, then suddenly you have amplified problems (seizures and such), and then tons of other stuff. Myself, I just take pain killers for the nerve damage I have since I can't walk otherwise. As far as people's opinions "triggering me?" Oh come on, I grew up decades ago when that wasn't a thing. I actually miss working, though, it was fun to me.

But, but I hate cartoon squirrels.

This is 100% truth! I'm pretty sure with all these ppl that get offended easily are mentally ill

Hate to leave a thoughtful opinion but It's always kids, and the parenting system that holds the limelight. Reality is there but it's never discussed.

Speaking truth about reality. Yes. Thank You. I saw it was 10 minutes plus, and thought, this is gonna be great. I was not disappointed. Thank You for putting out there what so many are thinking.