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Reviews for "Triggers & Safe Spaces : Foamy The Squirrel"

I live in a house filled with trggered morons. If my younger bro says he is going to be taller then my other brother. My other brother gets really triggered, listing a bunch of reasons why he is wrong and beats him to a pulp. And i have to deal with that bullshit every fucking day.

I love the directness of Foamy

Nowaday they are burning and destroying their own safe spaces. It's hilarious how oppressive somebody can be when they don't want to be oppressed...

Well smart-ass, I don't do pills. I smoke weed. TONS AND TONS of weed. As stated by Robin Williams, I take my hourly fuckitall. Yeas fuckitall, The newest best medicine. After just a small amount, you too can say Fuck it ALL and stop stressing.

Just start using the word "retarded" more often. Watch as all the "triggereds" come out of the woodwork. The irony being that actual retarded people are unlikely to be triggered by the word "retarded" at least unless until people told them they should be triggered by it.

Plus if you sugar-coat things or use substitute words you're still saying the same thing so you replace a "bad word" or "offensive word" with some other language and the replacement itself becomes a "bad word" or "offensive word" at some point, repeat. Isn't it better to just straight-up tell people like it is?