Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.08)"

i'm stuck on the part expose the scam. great game

CuddlePitGames responds:

Check the beach room and click on the pills! That should help!

Alright so here I am, nearly 3 hours after I first loaded up the game, ready to give my review. Mind you I used my passcode from 0.07 to get a head start. Anyways!

I'm level 144 with 50% resist and I have all the girls unlocked- I think. More on that later. As always the art is amazing however, it really feels like in the last version or two, the encounter rate has dropped significantly. I'm not sure but sitting there, moving my mouse over a flame in the jail area for five minutes to encounter Jenny (again) seems like something somewhere is broken. I loved the game, but there's just a few things I have to mention.

As previously stated, the seeming encounter rate drop hurts my soul.
Secondly, though it says in the description "Added 4 new cosplayers each with reward images!", Sharkpedo does not in fact have a reward image. Or at least that's what it seems to me. She does not have the "can(not) be saved" icon at all and after beating her roughly ten times, I gave up. I don't like giving up.
Lastly, I have no idea who all is actually in the game as far as shiny cosplayers go. I feel like Jessy was a shiny at one point but then she was added later on. I'd love if you could add a list of all the girls that are in the game, as well as what rooms they appear in. Like a pokedex. That would be so nice. As I said, I spent 3 hours beating this current version of the game and I'm not even sure I have all the girls unlocked. Over the course of the versions, I've probably put in at least 20 hours already. That's mindboggling to think about. Plus, I plan to start over from scratch for version 0.10 to get the full experience.

My fav girl so far? Fuuuuck... Do I have to choose? They're all fucking awesome in their own way. Probably Phoebe cause she's the one that started it all. I can hardly wait for the next version. <3

I liked it, you adding 3 new characters was fun and 2 stickers, i have noticed though that my mana is going down at a alarming rate, with a strategy that starts with ivy (long term battles) and losing nearly all your mana after 4 fights is annoying even with 1770 mana and 3000 health, for a lvl 185 i think those are good stats, and not telling us if we got the shiny scene (the big J in Jess' room the cross in Joyce's room and the "notes" in Gary's room) was mean, and with Luna being so hot i was wanting a little more then just a scene, with her being a actual shiny in Eva's roomall in all i love the games, i got this far on like all of the installments from the first one you put out, and i've kept up with you people for this long so why stop now. ( recommendation be able to fuck Vanilla in the end, if it gives you a bad end or not, and add different positions for them, or at least have pussy scenes and anal scenes so we can choose what we want rather then be stuck anal fucking Eva rather then fuck her shy brains out, thats all i have to say for this one, i liked it despite my ranting


I found James! Her echo is even harder than the normal one. She has 100k health and still does insane damage. Tho apparently the flame buffed attack is her weakness and her spoils are really high as well