Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.08)"

Looks awesome, keep it up!! :D

Another great update even though this one seemed pretty small but I'm very excited for the next update. I think I have gotten every cosplayer but there is no sort of confirmation about whether I do or not in the game. I would love to see something that would tell me if I'm missing some or not.

Good game. I'm now finished with the regular story mode. I think I have all the special characters from before (James, Umbreon, etc.) but I still need to get Goodra and Sharkpedo. The spawn rate must be low because I haven't even encountered either. Currently, I'll level 157.

I Love it!! keep on making cool games

Pretty great game with some well drawn pics. Some parts are pretty janky still, mostly with how the mp cost with green magic makes it sorta useless. You don't get much mp from it compared to the cost of everything else. Just gon drop my save here