Reviews for "Third Exit Chapter 1"

With all that is going on the asthma problems over complicate things. Errors with selecting or exiting the tutorial page. Save progress is wiped if you die. Few games are worth starting over from the beginning, including this one, sorry.

ZeroDigitZ responds:

I'm sorry about that, but those issues have been fixed now. Your save file should still be present as long as you didn't clear your cache. Also, I couldn't replicate the error with tutorial page. Could you explain in more detail what occurred?

lol is there a walkthrough for the tutorial puzzle i think im dumb but i cant figure it out

ZeroDigitZ responds:

1. 3-6-9
2. 2-0-1
3. 4-5-7

1. Take the first number which is 3.
2. Take the second number which is 0.
3. Take the third number which is 7.

Answer= 307

The calculator is there just to throw you off, and make you think.

I saved the game but it doesn t load it :((

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Sorry about that. It's a plugin issue with the game that only affects the HTML 5 version. I will re-upload the game asap without the plugin.

Your games still get better and better friend. Nice story, and big pros for not using RPGM character models. I waiting for next chapter!
P.S. How to get better score than 1 star?

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the response.


How to obtain maximum Score:
- Solve the emblem puzzle, and find the hidden portrait.(1 point)
- Insert the red butterfly at the hospital.(1 point)
- Complete Chapter 1.(1 point)