Reviews for "Third Exit Chapter 1"

Very well done

WOW! I...this...it was just amazing. Couldn't help but notice some of the mad father noises. That sent me off on a freak out but still I love it

what demicrown said. Streamline the interface, get rid of the clunkiness, STAT! ;) feels like it could be FUN if you do this.

Love me a good horror game.

The game was fun to play. Maybe not as fun as your other games, but I guess that's just because only chapter 1 has been released. I'm excited to see it on Steam, too.

The thing I think is holding this game back, slightly, is that I feel like there's so much unnecessary stuff. For example, the map was completely useless. So was the janitor's head. Then there are so many areas (park areas, open rooms in the hospital, etc.) that make it feel like instead of exploring for story purposes, you're just checking every area for a useful item and then continue using items or progressing until you're forced to solve a puzzle.

The story doesn't play as linearly as "open box -> go to laundry room -> go back to apartment -> go to car -> find key to room 105 ->" etc. At least, for me it didn't. I think this is a case of "less is more". If there were a few less areas/items, I think the game would be better.

I understand some of the area might be setting up for the next chapters, but for now it feels super unpolished because of all the excess.

Still, it looks promising. (Although honestly compared to your last games, it's maybe 80% as good. I liked the cabin game A LOT. It felt like a much smaller and enclosed space. A bright (although empty) hospital/apartment isn't as scary of an atmosphere, even if the events themselves seem bizarre.)

Nice thriller game, with a great atmosphere of deepening nightmare. Looking forward for the next chapters. The only problem I see is the pace of some scenes. It can go faster, I think, this pauses don't serve well in terms of suspence.