Reviews for "Third Exit Chapter 1"

if you cant find it (if you need help) its the soda face in front of it then hit z or space bar so thats how you do it
oh and add more files
so thats all

Pretty incredible game kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time can't wait to see what happens net

After absolutely adoring Fear Society I was pretty darn excited to see Zero had a new game out!

Have to say I was not disappointed! Pretty intriguing story so far, lots of questions raised with no answers as of yet, but that's the way to get people coming back for Chapter 2 for sure. Couple of nice jumpy moments that really shouldn't have caught me off guard (what with being such a brave manly man and everything), and a delectable cliffhanger ending.

Great stuff again, really excited to see what the next chapter brings!


Woow, really nice game! Cute graphics in combination with dark adventure is my weak spot. The game was scary and thrilling. The only things I did mind were slow cutscenes and not intuitive clues. But I am little bit dumb to clues, I didnt figure out I can climb the tables and I didnt notice I have extra fuses already. So instead I am saying slow walkthrough is the bad thing about this game

A nice and short experience.

The story draws you in quite nicely and as it does seem a little confusing at first you don't know what's going to happen next or what to expect. The music, although not necessarily memorable, fitted the environments perfectly and I myself felt that the right kind of audio played in the right moment. In terms of SFX, however, there could be a minor tweak here or there I think, as walking up and down the stairs drowns everything out. I might be picky here but that's just something I noticed. The puzzles you implented were quite good, though abstract as someone else has already stated. Something like a hint in the form of a note e.g. hinting on how to unlock the safe would be great.

The asthma feature could be quite interesting, yet it feels a little clunky in my opinion. Personally I feel it could be used like a way of controlling the sanity in game for the character instead of a random minigame because you put your hand through a wall or went to do the laundry.

I don't know if I'm simply stupid and unobservant or not but there was not a single savepoint that I found. No idea where they are or what they look like. Since the character has asthma then maybe an asthma pump lying around on a table somewhere could be a save point? I might sound ridiculous but that's just an idea to consider.

Overall, a good and short experience. Looking forward to what happens next.
(sorry if I'm a bit picky :P)