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Reviews for "E.T. Excursion - episode 02.1"

I know the feeling, Brian! Haha...

Very nicely done.

Pretty great animation and decent story.

Meh, I liked the first version better... ;(
But, barring the disrespect of homeless people, hobo grease was epic and the chase scene was good too. Still, it doesn't have the grace or flow of the first version. I think this second remake was not as good an effort, frankly. ;O Why is Brian so shit and unconscionably annoying? You characterization was spot-on before! Just because you CAn change it, doesn't mean you should.

Dude, I've been following this passion project of yours since it first started, and I must say whoever did the voice work for Brian didn't do a very good job..

Other than that good effort!

I'm giving this low stars mostly just because I know a lot of homeless people and I was offended. I gave it a passing vote though, because this was a well thought out, funny, and entertaining animation. Good job!
(Take note, trigger boys. You can be offended and respectful at the same time.)

EVanimations responds:

Thanks - and sorry. I was trying to play off Brian's entitlement and pettiness as a joke by comparing him to those less fortunate, and how he's kinda wasting his life given how well-off he is, but I guess I didn't communicate that clearly.