Reviews for "The Spongebob Squarepants Anime - OP 1"

Doesn't anyone else think this was funny? I thought this was supposed to be parody lol.
Anyway, made me laugh so 5 stars

Well, that was very strange, but also very awesome! It did get too weird at times. It's still great to see this animation. This seems like something so obvious. I mean SpongeBob and anime, what an obvious combination! They've done anime with everything else.

The characters looked pretty different in certain shots. I liked that. You didn't need to be consistent to be cool. I love these author comments. It would make more sense for Emperor Pilaf to capture Pikachu.

As much as the use of a great anime opener physically hurts me, this is honestly really good.

I definitely like this a lot, as it definitely feels like it could be a real anime opening to a show, and there was so much work put into this. I love the way that was done, and how it was made. Keep up the good work. What was the song that was used for the intro?

Narmak responds:

Thanks! Song is UVERworld- Color of the Heart

All the little details.