Reviews for "The Spongebob Squarepants Anime - OP 1"

Beautiful... just beautiful.
This turned me into a weeaboo (Not really)

more. please god more.

I know it is a joke, but the song and the animation were so good and filled with emotions, that I got goosebumps, like I was watching an actual anime intro. :))) (I'm awfully sorry at the terrible state of my English abilities, as for the English language is not my mother tongue. I hope you forgive me for every foolish mistake I made while writing this comment)

Well what more can be said but that it was exceptionally well done. And the beginning intro found between 00:08 and 00:14 still sticks with me. Well done indeed.

The F**k? Well, it definitely looked like your standard anime intro! Has some good animation too! Not that I can judge, because I am crap at animation. It was somewhat funny how the characters are fighting. I wonder why, though.