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Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"

-Experienced adventurer, somewhat reserved, rarely starts conversation, but can talk your ear off when you get to know him, enjoys giving advice to new adventurers, and becomes prideful when they surpass him


A common footman who's regiment was decimated by orcs, he survived by playing dead like the total coward he is, though he is good at tactical thought, not that he'd admit it.

NAME: Grot
BACKGROUND: This young kid's been through a lot, having witnessed both of his parents die from the bushes, he pulled out the arrow from his dad's corpse and waits in the bushes when he's not hunting, for Walt Disney to come by. You see it was not he whom had felled his parents. No. That is just the way of the world but it was he who passed up this young orc to star in his own Disney movie because he was an orc. Poor Grot witnessed human racism first hand, following his parents' demise at the hands of humans. If you are unlucky enough to look enough like Walter Disney and are strolling through the forest, you can be sure Grot is watching you, drawing his bowstring back, waiting for you to fall for his baited candy trap. Beware. You have been warned...
CODE: 9,17,2,11,3,12,40,18,8,3,53,9

Cool game, btw my character is:
Code: 2,5,13,18,2,2,18,24,9,12,24,2
Sydney is a former and Young army soldier, She uses a shotgun and a AK-47 for defense, She used to be implanted for field medic duty, then she got implanted for Offensive/attack duty,
she is blond and sometimes she CAN flip out, she flips out randomly or if angered,
she is special because she can use 2 primary weapons.
That's my character


Name: Redo Misola

Story: A rabbit musician who travels to get inspiration for her songs.
She request the heroes to get her some paper and feathers in order to write more compositions. Redo will give them some bard Skills to Heal and Armor up as a reward.