Reviews for "EBF5 NPC Maker"


This is a 24 year old man named Timothy Timson. He has literally never left his house before and only knows how to talk because his overprotective mother taught him. Then one day she disappeared and now Timothy doesn't know what to do.


This is Tammy Timson, for years she was overprotective of her son, never allowing him to leave the house but now regrets her parenting decisions and refuses to return home until her clingy af son finally leaves the house to go find her. She's standing right outside to make things easy for him but he isn't going anywhere.

Maybe these two could have a quest or something I don't know.

Yeah time to try to be an NPC again!


Disu, has penchant for punching despite having two weapons.


Cross, Only thing more impressive then his aim is how fast he can be shot down by women.


Roland! Best try at making Roland from The Dark Tower books, but he needs revolvers and no light on his hat.

black guard
He was bored being a guard so he hook himself

Clean and cute designs, many options with many more possibilities! Can't wait for the newest EBF <3

cute little buddy here
btw the design is very cute with quality :)