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Reviews for "Curly Brace: HACKED"

Her tits look really weird and could be much better, but otherwise a solid piece of work. Won't deny I enjoyed reading the command prompts in the chat :)

I'd add this to my fav games list bu i dont wanna risk ppl knowing my secrets <//w//<"

love it- it's a bit simple but it sure as hell hits the nail ... not good at these things called words :3
very cute- think i'll take a look at this later, deffinately gonna share this with a few ppl back on the discord though

is it my browser or the screen is kinda cut?

ZedrinBot responds:

If you recently moused over the video and brought up the playhead, it'll obscure some of the screen. Move your cursor off for a few seconds and it'll go away.

this is gr8 stuff

Really good stuff.