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Reviews for "Curly Brace: HACKED"

nice work, would you make more

ZedrinBot responds:


MOAR! <3

Dammit ! First time I faved an adult submission. Congrats, it was fast and really well thoughts.

At first this seemed wrong, because Curly Brace never gave her consent, but it's suggested that she had given consent prior to the video starting when she says, "I thought we were gonna have a little fun tonight." I don't totally get why she's annoyed with Quote at the end though. I guess because he didn't give her much of a warning and went too quickly. Excellent animation and design, great sound design.

ZedrinBot responds:

she's more annoyed that she fell out of her chair :y

but yeah. Consent can be a touchy subject. I definitely prefer to have it somehow established or be implied with my stuff, even if it's all fictional.

one thing kinda interesting about hypnosis IRL, it only works if the receiving party is willing :V I kinda try to emulate that whenever I draw it. (Granted robos would be a bit different, since hacking would be way more aggressive, but I at least want it to be similar in spirit.)

Awesome, love this!