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Reviews for "At Peace"

Wow this is really neat. Love the part with the percussion.
Props man!

I like the atmosphere and dreamy guitar at the beginning. It’s a little slow to progress, but I really enjoyed the phrasing once the string parts came in at :41. The string samples effectively channeled the mood of the piece, and the melodies at :57 are beautiful. The piece has a great sense of continuity about it, yet you also provided some structural variety at 1:46. I felt like you had my emotions dancing on puppet strings for the entire duration of the piece. You led up to 2:18 effectively, and the sense of climax and full texture there add a sense of overarching development and and finality to the piece that’s often missing in pieces submitted to this competition, even in the Final Round. The choral part that came in at around 3:10 also added a lot to the piece. I can’t hear any flaws with the mixing or mastering. This is an extremely well-structured and smooth-flowing track. This is exemplary work as far as I’m concerned, and if it were up to me alone you would win this competition. Keep up the inspiring work, Papkee! :D


papkee responds:

>Can't hear any flaws in mixing or mastering

Haha. Yeah. Sure.

Thanks for the review. I always love it when my hard work pays off.

Nice1 ;)

Lovely :D

Honestly, I am in a very un-good place right now, and I very much appreciate your work.
I don't come here for music but you have helped a random stranger, in a way you don't even know.
Thank you. Let me know if you ever need some at. pro bono.