Reviews for "E"

It's the little things, like the rotation of the pine-needle air freshener, that really put the cherry on top of this masterpiece.

ah! a new grey-clock movie!

indeed, its a really cool thing to see how the billiardball battalion was created, and in your movie, we see a grotesque monstrosity with a few bb10 elements in it talking with mr spider-world, as they try to make a philosophical deiscussion about intellect, life, and death, and eventually the story takes a turn for the worse, as the two creatures have sex with eachother.

after this unholy union happens, eventually infinite bb10-soldiers emerge from the creatures uterus and they start conquering the world, bringing a new age of peace, logic and prosperity with them, despite of their dark origins...

what a great film, sir!
the new york times has rated it as ''a scary, grotesque masterpiece'', and i agree with that review.

keep up the good work, and have a happy clockday!

I like it

Ok but what the actual fuck though.

That Guy On The Left Looks Like A Mutant Hybrid Of All Of the Clocks like Strawberry clock accidently Used The Incorrect Ingredient While Trying To Make Some Soup And Dropped It And Now It's poison And the Clocks Are Scared As they tried To Get Out But The Windows Are Blocked And they Touched The Poison And turned Into A Mutant of All of the clocks!