Reviews for "E"

Animation: Fluid
Story: Uhh... ._.
Characters: Uhh... ._.
Script: Uhh... ._.
Meaning of life: Uhh... ._.
Every decimals of pi: Uhh... ._.
How much did I understood the video or it's message: Uhh... ._.

Final veredict: I DON'T KNOW WTF IS GOING ON HERE BUT SOMEHOW I ENJOYED IT. I'm scared of myself lol

Nice representation of... uhh... a surrealistic way of having a perspective of life i guess?
Btw nice creativity, really unexpected :)


who would have thought that the idea of dread towards death and nothingness, the thought of complete and utter meaninglessness of life and violent disturbing imagery could have such a hilarious punchline.

10/10 my sides from laughter, but my sides don't matter; we will all die.

It's the little things, like the rotation of the pine-needle air freshener, that really put the cherry on top of this masterpiece.

ah! a new grey-clock movie!

indeed, its a really cool thing to see how the billiardball battalion was created, and in your movie, we see a grotesque monstrosity with a few bb10 elements in it talking with mr spider-world, as they try to make a philosophical deiscussion about intellect, life, and death, and eventually the story takes a turn for the worse, as the two creatures have sex with eachother.

after this unholy union happens, eventually infinite bb10-soldiers emerge from the creatures uterus and they start conquering the world, bringing a new age of peace, logic and prosperity with them, despite of their dark origins...

what a great film, sir!
the new york times has rated it as ''a scary, grotesque masterpiece'', and i agree with that review.

keep up the good work, and have a happy clockday!

I like it