Reviews for "E"

It's the little things, like the rotation of the pine-needle air freshener, that really put the cherry on top of this masterpiece.


who would have thought that the idea of dread towards death and nothingness, the thought of complete and utter meaninglessness of life and violent disturbing imagery could have such a hilarious punchline.

10/10 my sides from laughter, but my sides don't matter; we will all die.

Animation: Fluid
Story: Uhh... ._.
Characters: Uhh... ._.
Script: Uhh... ._.
Meaning of life: Uhh... ._.
Every decimals of pi: Uhh... ._.
How much did I understood the video or it's message: Uhh... ._.

Final veredict: I DON'T KNOW WTF IS GOING ON HERE BUT SOMEHOW I ENJOYED IT. I'm scared of myself lol

Nice representation of... uhh... a surrealistic way of having a perspective of life i guess?
Btw nice creativity, really unexpected :)