Reviews for "The Adventure of Lily and Micha"

this game is an okay game but the biggest issue is its laggy and it is basicaly a loading screen simulator
anyway a 6/10

I like it so far but I'm not sure where to continue. Lily just left the house after Grandma went to go to the town meeting at the church. I checked the church and no one's inside. I can't enter any other buildings or go anywhere. Can someone help?

Northman277 responds:

Sorry that I do not know now so well, because as I have already written not I but Sandro has Update this game.
But I still try to help ^^

So do you have already got the 2nd quest?

Nice game, I love it! I would love it even more if after Micha joins the party the monsters wouldn't be appearing every two steps

Dear sir,

Please fix this. Everytime I clicked or accidentally clicked on "Option" button, I can't escape from it or cancel it. If I clicked "X" button (or pretty much any button) to cancel it, this popped out:

Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document."

Please...it is frustrating that every single time, I have to restart the game. I really want to enjoy and finish this game.

P/S: Actually this error occurs in almost all of your games I noticed, because I've been playing almost all of your games since your game style is exactly what I liked, because it reminds me of my favorite RPGs - Aveyond and old Final Fantasy games.

The game is full of good works (monster drowings are well made) but it seems to be no entrance for the boss room at the second time in the cave under the wood... and well every few minutes the http page vanish and spam pages come out interrupting the game but this could be my problem... I'm not sure.
Good work anyway...