Reviews for "The Adventure of Lily and Micha"

Dialogs are written by some teenager girl. Even trivial story can be interesting, that's not the case. There are plenty of bugs. For exmaple, when you go to the castle and climb down to dungeon where you can jump over gaps, if you return to city before finishing it, you can't return. Rope is simply cut down and there is no way to finish the game.

The game isn't bad but the bosses are a bit over powered. A crit from one boss can wipe out almost half my health. Meaning it gets tedious battling him over and over.

It stopped being interesting when a 7-years unarmed child killed an orc without any magic or other acceptable explanation. Sorry.

I like it so far but I'm not sure where to continue. Lily just left the house after Grandma went to go to the town meeting at the church. I checked the church and no one's inside. I can't enter any other buildings or go anywhere. Can someone help?

Northman277 responds:

Sorry that I do not know now so well, because as I have already written not I but Sandro has Update this game.
But I still try to help ^^

So do you have already got the 2nd quest?

Dead again, no way to resume after last save.