Reviews for "Let's get Apple!"

not bad not good but decent

simple gameplay but the difficulty curve is excellent. As soon as you "get it" there's a slightly more difficulty challenge to keep you playing. The art style is obviously outstanding. I wish there was a little more complexity (i.e. multiple apples) or something to really make the puzzles stumping, but as it stands the game is very nice.

qeshi responds:

Thank you for the long review.

I've been working on and off with this game for the last 5 years and I tried to add more complexity but I couldn't get the game mechanics to work out right (sort of cut the rope like mechanic).

And since Flash has an end of life date I thought I'll just publish the game and cut the game shorter. That's why it doesn't get any more advanced. But maybe if people like it I'll port it to Haxe in the future.