Reviews for "Let's get Apple!"

game no load with firefox for me :(

qeshi responds:

-yeah I know, I also have a problem with firefox on linux.

I have ported the game to Android now so if you have an Android device you can try it

Very cute and fun game. Decent puzzler. Very short trough. But with lots of medals - that is good.

The only really hard level is the last one.

There is some bug that didn''t let me press the forward button and would not let me to ending game screen and the "complete all levels" medal, the first time I completed the last level, so I had to do it twice and second dime it worked.

Very nice physics game. the kawaii animals are a definite plus. Keep up the good work queshi!


qeshi responds:

Thank you! ^_^

Game doesn't work

Firefox: "Context3D not available!"

Chrome: perpetual white screen

The gameplay isn't anything too special, but there's a noticeable change in difficulty at just the right time, making it pretty great.

The art is gorgeous, and I like the ending. <3

qeshi responds:


I'm happy people play through the whole game so they can see the ending. I've been working on and of for the last couple of month just with the ending.