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Reviews for "Overwatch Noir"

uh.. idk what that person is freaking out about (below me) but long time fan! i really loved it. long time fan here!

This isnt anywhere close to the source material at all. I'm not going to point out all the things that doesnt click and how out of character you make them behave, but they might as well be 2 different characters completely unrelated to overwatch. Plus, you dont explain how Tracer got headshoted, heck you even make her rewind at the end wich miss the whole point of your otherwise (boring) animation. You have skills but they're totally wasted on this story. Do something else. With your own characters.

p good

This was so beautifully sad and so amazing! I'm speechless except for what I just said lol

amazing work man the epicness is real in this one love it