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Reviews for "Overwatch Noir"

Well, it's obvious this is loved by everyone, as it is by me now. So, I will automatically give this a full 5 stars. Though, I kinda just wanted to make this review to comment on your name intro.

You made an animation called Tarboy, but never created a 2nd episode. I was glad to see to that something still remains used from it.

I guess I must have REALLY enjoyed the animation back then. Haha.

Anyway, amazing animation this time around. Really helps that it's Overwatch. I LOVE OVERWATCH!

Wow nice

so this was pretty amazing, love the visuals and effects with the camera shots, So this was new and fresh I like this because it was kind of different sort of like when you get a new spray or fragrance its fresh different and you want to check it all out. the music was really solid, hope you make more like this for us.

make more great animations like this.


Aside from that fact that all of your work is completely fuckin' stellar;

I <3 your branding my dude, so gooooood

I love this so much. Really. Its tragic and beautiful and UUUGHH!!! Why did you make that context error?!?!? You mustve been rushed or tired. I totally give you the benefit of the doubt, man. Or maybe I saw things wrong. But to me? It looked like the movie /Shouldve/ ended with a dramatic slowmo of the bullet he fires through his head smashing through her visor. They way you did it, it all ends with her crying over his body, completely unharmed even though the video starts with her /graphically/ taking a bullet between the eyes with a look of surprise. I dunno... I just feel like you took us to the edge and cut us off at the climax on this one. Still 5/5 though. It was THAT GOOD.


High quality art, good song choice... but.... absolutely hated the character design. Super-deformed cartoon just doesn't mesh with Noir. Pretty much ruined it for me.