Reviews for "Back to the Fuhrer"


Brilliant! The voice acting, the animation, and for some reason I see a lot of potential. You gotta create more of this, man!

Absolutely amazing blend of everything man! I bet that some may say that the animation seems like if a little kid drew it - but that is the point! It is simple, yet it is so fluid, music fit absolutely perfectly and that voice acting! A really good microphone must have been used for recording because the voices are crisp clear. Also the story is very interesting *DER SPOILA ACHTUNG!* * SPOILER ALERT*

I think that it is actually pretty new idea concept, that someone would go back in time and change places with Hitler, if you think about it: it is quite scary idea, with all that information about WWII being available today - if someone had take his place then I think they could turn the events of history to even worse volumes, and much worse things than experiments and work camps could happen - sorta like in the new Wolfenstein games, huh?

You gotta make more man this is priceless!!

Exactly what I think whenever someone says they would kill Hitler