Reviews for "Back to the Fuhrer"

Animations simplistic but the comedy is gold. Overall quite amusing to watch, Good job.

This is exactly the kind of cartoon I want to see on Newgrounds - funny and takes no prisoners, look forward to see what comes next.

when I first looked at this, I thought "um. ok then..." then I clicked. started snorting. then chuckling. then laughing a tad. then chuckle. then full blown laughter. make more stuff like this please! just. make. MOAR!!!

I haven't laughed this much in so long! I love the unique style too.

I still laugh hard every time I see this cartoon. This is partly due to my being a fan of history and thus getting the references. It's also because it's a brilliant piece of comedy, expertly timed, smartly conveying a cautionary tale in under three minutes. Bravo!