Reviews for "Meanwhile at Nintendo..."

So true it's actually very sad

You're style has progressed and is smoother than silk now!
So glad to see ya back, I can't wait for your next video.

(tarrrrbooooyyyyyyyyyyyyy plsssss lmao)

Surely reminds me more of how a sega megadrive's cables look like, an attrocious jungle man.

Yeesh! That looks like the tangled mess of cords I had back in the nineties when I had four consoles and a VCR hooked up to my CRT television. Nintendo seems to enjoy keeping things "retro" in some of the worst ways.

Oh right, I remember you from doing the one "React World" video, it was really crazy and nice! xD
This one is amazing and SiCk as well, the art style is top-notch and the epic vibe due to the music/lighting etc. was epic. Generally said, awesome animation you've created there.
Great to have you back with those sick animations! ;D

man, gotta love that new Nintendo technology...