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Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

I believe RatsLaugh summed up most of it. I want to reiterate though the biggest missing feature: being able to see my customers thoughts. You have an upgrade for it, but it doesn't really show me anything. I need to be able to click a button and see all my customers thoughts in a nice and laid out way, this way if I have 10 people complaining about the lack of seating, I know what I need to change.

Additionally, I think I figured out what makes the happiness meter drain so fast:
I had a person stuck on the toilet. There were a few, for some reason, but 1 guy in particular's last thought was "No gohome" which I am assuming is an issue with your pathfinding not being able to get through the door?

The game has potential, if you can make it work on mobile even moreso. Keep it up!

aJamDonut responds:

Thanks, I think the guy on the toilet had fears of leaving it after a bad acid trip. I'll code in a "Best friend" feature to help this guy out.

Not a bad sim-business type game. Could be a lot better with some polish.

My suggestions for improvements:
1. I'm seeing a lot of mouse lag. It's frustrating to play with, and almost impossible to click on anything moving, like customers.
2. The interface is a little clunky. I mean it's all functional, just not very smooth to use. For example, if I click to build something, then want to build something else, if I don't click exactly right on the icon, it will build that first thing under the icon I was trying to click for the second thing. I do like how I can drag to build multiple walls and floors, but it breaks sometimes and I have to start over. Also when I build doors the flooring under them disappears.
3. The first few customers that came in, some were happy and some would get upset. The upset ones would tell me why they were upset - no food, not enough seating, etc. But after a while, customers are all showing as happy but still my satisfaction percentage keeps dropping. You should make it so that if I click on the satisfaction display it will pop up a window telling me how many customers are unhappy and why. Also the satisfaction is dropping to the negative, and it doesn't make sense anyway, because the arcade is packed with customers. If they are so dissatisfied, why would they all be there?
4. I didn't see it explained what the non-game devices do and how they affect the customers - neon lights, chairs, tables, etc.
5. The games don't seem balanced. The arcades and especially the tables games are not cost-effective. The best bang for the buck seems to be the 3rd level pinball (costs $750 and earns $50). All the other stuff seems useless to build except to meet the challenges.

aJamDonut responds:

I agree with all of it. I'll sort it out.

Great game, but later i got "-" Happiness from the customers. I had all but idk, maybe it was because i had a room open because i had no place but i'm not sure. Anyways keep it up :).

aJamDonut responds:

Seems to be a pattern it can be hard to tell why. I'll try add a feature suggested by users, to display all reasons people are unhappy.

Worker just stops building anything -running around without a reason.

aJamDonut responds:

Fire him... Clearly lazy

I've tried to play more than once but every time the game remains convinced i have not built a change machine to complete task 1. Seems nice but I can't be sure as I can't advance

aJamDonut responds:

Is your builder moving? He may need to build it first. If he's not moving, you need to update your browser or move away from IE.