Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

Buggy to the point of unplayability. I'm not able to buy anything, or build anything.

The absolute worst thing is that the "camera" doesn't work.

This is the "Big Rigs Over the Road Racing" of Newgrounds.

aJamDonut responds:

#upgrade, i recommend a computer worth more than $40

The game is really fun, but after a while, it starts to get boring.

Pretty nice concept. However, this game is very buggy. It won't let me buy the items I've unlocked, and it keeps telling me I don't have enough money to place certain items, even if I actually do. Camera is broken, have to rely on using the mouse, and it's sooo slow.

Saved Went Away Came Back, Couldn't move the camera...
People don't leave when I pressed the Closed. I did a test and had about 60 people in the Arcade and after more than 1 hour of waiting, I still had 20+ people in the arcade. And Bad Bad Lag. You should check the coding, because no other game here gets that laggy. I'm not a programmer, but I bet it lies in the handling of separate entities.
It would help if you improved the AI of the staff and customers.

I can't think of anything else that's important.
Other than that it was pretty enjoyable. But it would be nice if you could at least improve some of the parts. It would be a nice time sink game.

aJamDonut responds:

I did add a warning, it is different than most games here. 60 AI anywhere else?

I absolute love this game! But i have a serious problem, i lost all my arcade because i completed the challenge and the game does not let you play more, and sandbox mode is limited to 50.000$ when it needs to be infinite, please change this because i still want to play this awesome game!