Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

This is a really fun game. I do enjoy it. There's plenty to do, plenty of things to upgrade. Somethings i noticed though were the controls. I couldn't rotate any of the machines. I've tried rotating them with the "R" key when trying to place them and when they were already placed. The ability to rotate them after being placed/moving them around in general would be awesome. If you can't make ends meet and pay an electricity bill it would be nice to select things and sell them. Even just to move them around for more space. Maybe its just me with rotating objects but it makes it really tough to make the place organized because I only have certain options. The camera controls did not work for me either. I had to use either the arrow keys (which moves the whole browser as well), or try to get it to move with the mouse cursor which was a little finicky. I'm glad that was implemented though. Starting out was a little rough because I didn't know workers count as part of the arcades occupancy. Adding another machine, lo and behold there were customers! When the change machine is clicked there is no exit button for the dialogue box. Some machines like pacboy say that the electricity is off but it's still operational and making money. It's all good with me because it's making me money and I don't have to pay a dime, but it is not very good for play-ability. I love the tasks. It gives players something to work towards. It's not just a mindless game that never ends. All in all it's a pretty good game. There are just minor tweaks that need to be done. I've played waaaay worse betas so it's doing great. Keep it up!

Less than 5 mins in, builder is stuck on the other side of the street and won't build anything. Also the mouse control feels really loose and sloppy. Would like the ability to zoom in/out.

Your game locks up my browser before I've even started. I then have to kill my browser. So, zero stars. I even had to copy/paste this review rather than type it in the review box because I'll only have a few seconds after clicking before the browser will freeze here.

Playing this game reminded me of Caine's Arcade. Everybody's seen that, right? I just love that video. Anyway, it was interesting to have a game that was itself about games. I guess that's appropriate. The music was very nice.

It took awhile to load up the achievements. I had to wait before they were completed. I guess that was just them being built. I love how simple the game is. It's very sincere.

I really like this game but it needs a little improvment, when building, the builder keeps getting confuzed and runing in circles instead of building maybe edit the builders code so the build everything in order of when you placed it down it kinda does that but it is also builds what evers nearest which makes it spin in circles when your trying to redo the entire area.