Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

Good game, but prematurely released.
1 - make pressing escape put the furniture you're building away
2 - add a log of the customers thoughts as they leave the building (it's really irritating to have to click on every one as they walk out)
2b - add a list of reasons why customers are unhappy and what percentage of them feel that way
3 - make furniture sell-able
4 - too much lag, try running the customers in a for loop rather than being individual objects
5 - regulate customer flow, there should not be this many customers in an arcade this small
5b - this could add an element where customers walk down the sidewalk and are attracted in by signs or flashy things

that's some basic functions need to be added, but aside from that it's a fun game

con que programa hicite el uego

aJamDonut responds:

javascript with pixijs!

Its a bit too easy because the electricity bills just stopped coming after the first time i got them. I feel like the overall feel of the game could be improved if the customers actually walked into the arcade instead of just walking around outside and you just getting money from ghosts. Also the walls and floors dont cost any money, which also makes the game way too easy. You could literally build a toilet anywhere and people would like it ( I think i havent actually done this) so thats something you could change. Otherwise its a nice little game and if its improved and expanded in future builds i would gladly play it.

i realy like this game.

Got a Freeze by dismantling a couch while there was someone sitting on it.

I am having problems unlocking the "Complete the 1st Challenge" medal. I done the tutorial but after doing everything it started over with "Let's Start By Building A Change Machine" and it doesn't go away after doing so.