Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

Awesome tycoon! I just have one question: What does it mean when someone's complain is "No arcade"?

aJamDonut responds:

Hey, thats when they want more arcade machines, e.g. monkey kong, pac boy

Customers are not showing up in the arcade they seem to be stuck in the top left corner but its a still a really great game and looks to have potential.

I find this game to be very much like a tycoon. I love the pixelated style and the challenges it brings. I think an option to name your arcade would be a good idea as well as some other kinds of arcade games such as ski ball and those basketball throwing games.

Lots of potential here. In the current form, it isn't a difficult game, but I like the concept. If you tweaked some things it could be excellent. The walls and floors need to cost money. The space is a bit of an issue, why does an arcade take 4 spaces when placed horizontally, but only 3 when placed vertically? Some things like that could theoretically be a part of strategy, but there aren't enough game options. There needs to be like 20 or so at least arcades, and there is no indication that people get bored playing the same things over and over. Also, I'm not sure what role the decorations play.

Really Good. The only problem i have is earning money