Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

Allright, let's do this.

I have played tutorial and harder mode. (Can't find normal mode, unless that's harder mode)

Good and bad parts.

Good: The overall game is so-so, there is feel of progress as you have to unlock better equipment, there are objectives and you can set prices on machines (after unlocking the option that is).

Bad: Arcades and change machines fill 2 slots instead of one, can't close change machine windows (have to click on another machine), can't relocate items (have to sell and buy another),
there is no change of day (only expenses), you have to pay to be able to buy janitors and more workers (????), the amount of customers accelerate a bit too fast and the game freezes a lot at a certain point when you have built too much.

The freezing part is my only biggets concern at the moment. Most are just small problems.
If most of the problems gets fixed, then i would give it 4 stars.

The game see very good, but there is some bugs. The mouse is very slow and I can't have client in the tutorial.

good game ,fun ,cute ,but , some problems ,first you dont need to buy ground to expand so basically you have all the ground , second you can't rearrange the stuff that you have bought ,other than that other stuff seemed cool

The mouse is moving really slowly and it makes the game really hard to play for me. It reminds me of those shop empire games, but that may be just me. I have really crappy pc so maybe the mouse thingy is caused by it. Otherwise the game seems really nice. Will try again with better pc

A really good game...but my game have a technical issue...I can't move my camera around even though I use WASD and arrow keys.