Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

It's a good game but so very buggy. I can't fully enjoy this game with the constant bug, which is when all of a sudden the customers don't even use the machines anymore they are just wandering around. and I earn no money. I did what you said in description and saved the game and reloaded, and it only worked somewhat cause like only like 1 customer was going to a machine. Then after reloading again, like 4 customer started playing. and I have a total of 16 machines. Please fix this or make a Arcade Builder 2 game where this bug is eliminated thanks.

A simple Arcade building game, but it work well. Some of the machines take up too much room. They should all fit in the same area.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

The best arcade machine is not unlockable, but i understand this is a work in progress. Also, is there a move tool?

Best game but in my fixed pc it dosent even build the floor or arcade machine

nice game and i don't like sim Builder games but i do like Arcades and this game