Reviews for "Arcade Builder"

reminds me of prison architect

This game has potential but it's just too buggy, almost unplayable

aJamDonut's Html game, Arcade Builder, is simply fun and calm. It's an excellent game and has many options to play around with. The menus can be hectic sometimes causing minor problems and the menu option for the change machine doesn't have a cancel option rendering it stuck on the screen till the game is close. There is no variety of tools to use and can be quite boring placing the same arcade machines, pinball machines and tables. The game overall is worth 2.5 stars for being simple fun and nothing more. Nonetheless, great job and I look forward to updates if you have so in mind.

aJamDonut responds:

Can I get 5/5 for achieving the goal of simple fun and nothing more?

good game though I couldn't unlock the green arcade machine, but anyways Keep it up ;)

You really have improved!

About 2 months ago, I wrote a review about the beta version and I have now seen better! You have done an excellent job!