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Reviews for "Phantom Reverse #6"

i liked it, just a bit less then dead detention (my first game i played that u made)

but the medal thingy is bugged? i can't get it at least. (it stayed stuck at this point)


JackAstral responds:

Sorry about that- I didn't implement some medals in my more recent games very well. They're a bit glitchy

Thats theacher surprise was soo funny and scary

How, In the others it is said that actually zone zero was killing and now the phantom?

The story, art, sound are decent but this really isn't a game. Having to click the inventory and 'option' buttons just for the sake of adding interaction only slows it down and gets tedious very quickly, the player has no control over what item to use or how/when to use it. This would have worked much better as a straightforward picture book with forward/back as the only options, or even a slideshow requiring no input from the reader.

I don't know whether you've set some sort of limit on the rate of clicking through pages, or if the transitions slow it down or block input temporarily, but it adds to the frustration when I have to click repeatedly to progress, not knowing when it will eventually register. When some of the text boxes are only 1 or 2 words, and there are an awful lot of text boxes to get through, it becomes a real struggle.

Sorry if the above seems negative - there were a lot of good elements to what you've produced, but I really think your choice of presentation is hindering rather than enhancing them. You're telling a very linear story so it doesn't need more things bolting on just for the sake of it.

Hope your next series goes well :)

JackAstral responds:

It's a visual novel. And thanks !

Hmmm, throwing that out there at the last episode is disappointing and a gimmick.

JackAstral responds:

Which part do you mean? If you go back and play the earlier episodes you'll see that everything was set up :-B