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Reviews for "Phantom Reverse #6"

Oh Jack. I have really mixed emotion about your last episode of Phantom Reverse. To explain my feelings about it i must use SPOILERS so for fresh people, play this game before read my comment. Also i will interact with past episodes.

The ending is... dissapointing. No big revolution or something. The teacher want revenge for her son, who died accidently was the center of this chaos? Also teacher lose her life ,because she has no support from other sources like friends or even husband - i know you dont show fathers so much, but there is so much complicated situation what make totally chaos in this ,, universe ". Literally she must be total psycho to avenge her son, what make me thinking you really make her psycho character, even if she doesnt look like that.

The heroes showing lack of real emotions like robots. Your past works are full of funny moments, real emotions and problem. There we have something that shoudnt occur. Basically our protagonist is like big hero without his own mind. Melanie instead of giving him kiss for save, she just move with him like RPG company only to provide cheers. I can see you trying to make something with them but at the end they didint looks well - surely it was my feeling and i think its most inaccurate to say that.

Time travel - oh God ! I really was confused so much. I understand how it work but i feel you experimenting to much with each cage of your poject but its show like you cut half of this, copy another and mixed together. Julius could move past to moment where his family die or do something to not allow Asa die ( also giving it to our protagonist ) But i feel it cannot occur for some reason - lack of information how it work - i belive it must be it.

If i put everything together, about discovery of this secret, heroes, moment of uncertainty - my score is average 2,5/5
This episode wasnt so bad to score below 2,5 but isnt good to score highter. I didint want to show how bad this episode was but how was complicated to feeling that.

For me - i really thinking about Melanie being this evil one ! - but i was so wrong i see :V i really check for some unexpected twist.

At end - i think You will make in future some experiments even changes to improve your endings if i can say like that. Unexpected twist, real dangerous, heroes who die or back to life, even their support what make heroes more valuable. Well you dont need to make just easy plot where one borrow 5 dollars from another character and didint give it back , then the person change to totally killer, because main protagonist didint give back 5 dollars. That funny but its show how it funny is.

Well im still waiting for you future project and i will wait for much more - secretly, brutality and twisted plots !

JackAstral responds:

[ spoilers ]

Thanks for the detailed review!

I actually tried to include a lot of reveals and twists in this. You find out the Phantom is Asa, and that the hooded figure is his mother (and the main character's teacher.) Then there's all the pay offs to the things set up earlier, like the history book and stuff

The kinda theme of the series was building up resentment - both toward other people and yourself. The main character feels intense guilt for something he had no control over, and the teacher and her son (Asa) blamed the student council for his death. All of the characters, except for the teacher, move on from that. Instead, she kills the student council and finally herself - kinda of showing that, yeah, she is a psycho. She let bitterness and anger turn her into a monster

The locket broke after Julius used it the 4th time - it's set up earlier on that each time it's used it cracked more and more. So he couldn't use it for anything else - ie) to save Asa

I definitely appreciate your criticism of the characters. I think in the end I maybe had too many, so I couldn't give as much characterization to each one like I usually do. I'm going to be going back a bit and making changes to earlier episodes soon, so I'll definitely look into improving that aspect a little

Thanks ! I really appreciate the detailed review, it helps a lot !

It was good. I like the fact that clear moon was mentioned. I also realized that julius' parents' graves had a moon on the top. Although julius' backstorz is a bit too similar to sarah's (was it sarah?) from alula falling.

also i have some questions:
1. when is the r.e.d. focused series coming?
2.how much longer is universe 08 gonna last

JackAstral responds:

Thanks !

1) Maybe - though my next is a sequel to Alula Falling : - )

2) I'm going to keep making stuff at least until I finish my uni degree, so about another year :)

The story, art, sound are decent but this really isn't a game. Having to click the inventory and 'option' buttons just for the sake of adding interaction only slows it down and gets tedious very quickly, the player has no control over what item to use or how/when to use it. This would have worked much better as a straightforward picture book with forward/back as the only options, or even a slideshow requiring no input from the reader.

I don't know whether you've set some sort of limit on the rate of clicking through pages, or if the transitions slow it down or block input temporarily, but it adds to the frustration when I have to click repeatedly to progress, not knowing when it will eventually register. When some of the text boxes are only 1 or 2 words, and there are an awful lot of text boxes to get through, it becomes a real struggle.

Sorry if the above seems negative - there were a lot of good elements to what you've produced, but I really think your choice of presentation is hindering rather than enhancing them. You're telling a very linear story so it doesn't need more things bolting on just for the sake of it.

Hope your next series goes well :)

JackAstral responds:

It's a visual novel. And thanks !

Will this game at some point contain gameplay, beyond choices that don't matter and being directed exactly what items to use and when?

JackAstral responds:

It's a visual novel, and it's the last one. So no

5/5 Stars :D

JackAstral responds:

Thanks !