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Reviews for "Purgatory Dreams - Choking on Plastic"

I got to agree with Derpnyan... the ending humanized the villains too much... making the feeling of being in a strange place disappear. Also, Main character's ability to not feel fear (HerSass) is indeed what killed it... Its true, Think about it. If she wasn't scared of the game-demon dude? then why should I?
Good job tho. P.S. The talking demon would have been better if he talked less... like.. a lot less... The monologing humanized him further... kind of reminds me of a poor lonely pawn shop owner angry at life so he hates happy people.

ClockworkPixel responds:

yeah it's something to work on. my intensions were that tiff acts cocky like she so doesn't care only for it to bite her in the ass like a "haha faker you are scared!!" but it may not of came across that way. doesnt matter, onwards and upwards as we learn

Oh boy! I want to see more of this! Good Job!

ClockworkPixel responds:

thanks :)

really liked this reminded me of like a black mirror parody but in pixel art. the style and ideas are unique and interesting, I look forward to checking out your page. really enjoyed keep up the good work

ClockworkPixel responds:

thank you very much :) hope you like the other stuff I've made

What DerpNyan said. ;O This is a nice try, but far inferior to Tumor and Skin. ;)

ClockworkPixel responds:

well, i can only say wait till you see tape two :)

Enjoyed the animation and I think its a pretty nice piece. Particularly found the color scheme a nice compliment to the retro vibe of the whole 90s video-game thing, But it has several flaws that are holding it back (IMO).

The tone and atmosphere of the whole thing is rather inconsistent. While you did say in a previous comment that the more comedic elements were intended to make the scare more hard-hitting or more of a shock, there just isn't enough time to get comfortable in the more relaxed atmosphere for the intended amplification of the horror to work. It's not your fault as you're restricted by it being a flash short, but I'd recommend sticking to either pure horror, or at least generating the dark tone (even if it's subtle) from the very outset.

Another issue (related to the one above) is how the comedy sort of bled into the horror part of it (if I may divide the film into two parts for simplicity's sake). Some rather comical/non-serious things happened (I assume they were intentional) occurred into the sinister part of the film. The humorous elements, such as how the demonic cartridge talked and Tiff's 'sass' served to ruin the atmosphere rather than improve it. It made it harder to take the villain and it's menace seriously.

Also at the end with he whole "So what have you and Vortex been up to?" line was rather unnecessary. I assume you were trying to create a sense of helplessness (like in Texas Chainsaw Massacre when Sally is stuck at the dinner table while the Sawyer family just argue among themselves), but the atmosphere isn't there and something about that line just doesn't fit. Also, it doesn't leave us with a sense of dread or impending doom, as Tiff's arms and a leg have already been ripped off. That visceral part was basically already the climax to the whole thing.

Anyway, I hope my feedback made sense, and I hope you keep making videos

ClockworkPixel responds:

perfect sense :) things to keep in mind for episode two.

the line at the end was basically them having a casual conversation, showing his whole thing was a joke to them. they just ripped someones arms off? yeah big deal it means nothing to them. like pulling legs of a spider. something to work on, since that didn't come across