Reviews for "Adventures with Robotnik (and Kairi) - Green Soup and Seeds"

Nice stuff and adorable.

Yeah, okay, I'll bite. Why Dr. Robotnik and a Kingdom Hearts character?

ExDeathZERO responds:

This was planned to be it's own crossover series at first, but I am unsure if it will continue or not, sadly.

In all honestly, I do believe that the animation in this is actually really good, but I can definitely see why this is in the "Experimental" genre.

That was super random

This was short, but the animation was very nice. I would love it if this cartoon continued (unfortunately, I know how hard it is for independent animators to make long cartoons on their own). Keep up the good work.
Also, I just realized that this version of Robotnik fits well with Wario and Waluigi. Long lost cousin maybe?