Reviews for "When the guardian attacks - zelda breath of the wild short animated"

Nice style and nice colours, the animation is smooth too

The bit when Link's horse was shot by the guardian would have been funnier if he only spoke once to say "Oh, shit" as he is about to get shot. Traditionally, Link doesn't talk, so this way the "punchline" would have had more impact, IMO. I did like the animation and the colors, and it was a good idea for a cartoon short.

The Guardian playing on the keyboard made me chuckle so that was a win. When the Stalchild got a literal boner from Zelda 'thickness', that got another chuckle out of me so another win. But then the 'Mission Passed' kinda threw me off because I 'm not sure I got the joke there. The animation meanwhile was on point, though some of link's reactions were a little mundane.

Bien ahí poniendo a Carlitox! Jo jo jo

lol he looks like Alundra. ALUNDRA 2 RAAAAGE!