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Reviews for "♪ The Afterlust ♪"

This video is a jewel hidden in a mountain of good things. This has many feelings, and that's what I like to find more often in the judgement section: good projects made from people wih a lot of talent.
I really liked the story, and the video has a 10/10 quality, but the fat prize was for the beautiful song (important part in this video). I don 't know anything about FinnMK, but I congratulate him because this was a really professional composition, hope he can scale to greatness in his compositor career :D
Thanks both of you, Finn and Vivendma, both have many talent, and I think you should be more noticed, by more people. Keep awesome bros :D

VivendmaYoutube responds:

Thank you so much!!

The song itself is quite simply phenomenal, and Finn already knows how much I respect his talent! The background images and animations are also ridiculously impressive.

That said, the character appearance and animation leaves much to be desired, and is quite honestly the weakest part of the presentation. But hey, you're still really young and have lots of time to learn and grow and improve your illustration and animation abilities! So don't give up, and I look forward to watching you improve over time. Let me offer up a few helpful hints:

Really study images of the human body in order to get better at drawing people. While I've certainly seen worse proportions, the male and female within the video are incredibly stiff and possess some very unrealistic features. From the back view, the back itself extends too far upward and almost gives the appearance of having a hump, which I do not believe was intended. Your hands and shoulders are way too rounded; once again, study those aspects and smooth them out in a more realistic way. Arm and leg movements are also really stiff and awkward at this point. And finally, when viewing the head and neck from behind, the neck would continue up past the back of the head rather than the other way around, like it is here.

Having a really amazing song and gorgeous backgrounds boosted my overall score quite a lot, but had I gone strictly by the merits of the characters and character animations alone it would have been a much different story. When those aspects come together in a more harmonious way, you're going to have a seriously killer repertoire. Best of luck going forward! :)

VivendmaYoutube responds:

Thanks! I tried to add my usual humor in it as well.. like Bea Hogg as the girl's name

I was liking the visuals and I was following along with the song until I got distracted by a typo on your end. "That we walked in different places," should be "paces." My biggest gripe is that it seems you didn't do your due diligence in analyzing the song while animating. Based on the lyrics, it isn't about losing a lover through a death, but rather it is a mutual understanding that lovers eventually drift apart, i.e. merely a break-up.

Well I understand the concept but it wasn't quite there. I must say that Mclelun makes incredible art and FinnMK did an awesome song but your characters combined with all this doesn't fit in my opinion. If you did more movements in the animation like when they are holding hands it would give a better feeling into it.

You did spend your time to put all of this together but keep in mind for the future that if you use high quality material, you must keep up the rest of it to make a solid profit. That's all from me!

Keep on doing a great job!

very basic quality animation, improvements could be made here and there.
most of the backgrounds just look like screenshots from anime movies or games, which isn't that creative imho.

its at least good to change the way they look a little if they are pre-rendered backgrounds, even throwing a tree in and fading it to match could be an improvement in background quality!
basic character outlines are a good thing to practice with but i wouldn't use them in an actual animation personally, they just look weird. practice makes perfect!