Reviews for "Y.A.A.G. 0: The Demo"

Good demo. It looks like the dialogue and writing aren't bad, which is a big factor with how good these kinds of games are. I'm looking forward to seeing what the full game will look like. This might have been short, but it does exactly what a demo needs to do, which is introduce the important elements of the game. The conversation with family at breakfast hints at the story, and we get a look at the setting. It would be nice if it were a little more clear what is required for the medals... I got all of them on my first run through, and I'm not sure exactly what I did for them (no notifications or anything).

If the full game lives up to the standard set by this demo, it's going to be great. I'm looking forward to it.

Marcgal responds:

"I got all of them on my first run through, and I'm not sure exactly what I did for them (no notifications or anything). " You don't say! F#@%, I really thought checked this carefully and that I didn't make any mistakes in the medals code…

Seriously though – now that I set up a new account and tried the game on a new account with a clear medal record it is obvious that the medals are seriously bugged. Thank you for bringing my attention to this. Very sorry for introducing such a bug to this game. I'll try to fix this.

The intention is that you cannot get all medals in one run; you have to restart the game a few times to get all of them. Also the first medal is merely for getting out to town, and I think you do get a medal notification as soon as you leave home, even in spite of the glitches with the medals. So either you didn't manage to leave home yet, which is sorta "the goal" of this game, or there is one more glitch I failed to find yet ☹

Very sorry again and again many thanks for bringing my attention to these serious glitches.

That was very odd. I thought it would be a really easy medal at first. Instead, that actually was the whole game! Well, it was certainly unique. I actually really enjoyed this. It's probably because of how good the graphics are.

I mean, it really is a beautiful looking game. The music is very graceful too. To think, you don't even have to leave your house to do this stuff! Yeah, I knew I couldn't get out with no new clothes. It's just a great looking game.

Marcgal responds:

Hmm, it's kind of surprising for me to read that you think that the greatest asset of this game lies in its cute graphics. Guess the choice of RPG Maker for its bundled graphic assets was right.

Anyway, if you think the game is weird, then I did my job right :)

I like this demo, although it's a tad laggy and the character keeps going farther than I want them to. Also the opening song of the game started up right while I was watching a Full Metal Brotherhood clip- the one about Nina's transformation. The part where Ed figures out the new chimera IS Nina, specifically. The happy music doesn't match the clip at all, but that's my fault for opening the game then watching the clip XP I wonder how the game will be when it's fully released.

Marcgal responds:

I'm not sure what you mean by "characters keep going farther than I want them to"?

Great demo ! I love that we can use the mouse :) can't wait to play more !

Marcgal responds:

Glad you like it :)

Though, again, credit RPG Maker with the mouse. It comes bundled, I'd have to put some effort to disable it rather than to enable it :)

From reading those revies, some of them nasty, I have this to tell:

You made a mistake by not titling it properly in a way people could understand it's a demo.

"omg u hate deoms!1"

No, it's not that. I don't dislike demos any more than you do (I assume you don't either). It's the title thing.

Imagine ordering a dish in a restaurant. When it arrives, is only an Entry dish. It's not stated on the menu - you would be disappointed, but not enough to put you off your appetite.

That's the issue with unmarked demos - Expectations, they interfere directly with player experience. Pitfall - The mayan adventure did it bad (ending ruined the game for me), undertale did it good (a pretty mediocre game that got overrated only by messing directly with the player by breaking the 4th wall contantly).

That being said, the title don't even say anything other than an acronymn from something that also didn't mean anything in general (Maybe that's the meaning, but whatever).

Not, for the bad part: The game is TOO SHORT, even for a demo! This, and not the title thing, is reason enough to pull a star.

Also, the lack of general direction is another minus. There's simply too many stuff on the house, and most of it simply don't matter. Rooms could be at least half the size, and the attic was like, wtf? Maybe sis could have a room if you properly design interiors. lol


About the non-combat, different gameplay: Keep at it. You got inspiration on Medieval Cop, right? That's good. I'd say it's the best use of RPG Maker. Interactive fiction is great, the platform don't really matter - If it's good, I'd play it even in MS Excel.

And, from this mini-demo, I'll say it's good.

Marcgal responds:

I think you are right that the game title should clearly state it's a demo, my fault admittedly.

The acronym is explained in the title screen - Yet Another Adventure Game ;P

Rooms could be at least half the size, but... Well I guess the characters would rather like a large and comfy house rather than a small and claustrophobic one :)

I'm thinking, maybe making the mouse cursor change to a pointer when hovering relevant items would be helpful? I know it's a minus that relevant stuff can hardly be distinguished from pure decoration... But I'm not convinced that removing pure decoration is a good fix.