Reviews for "Y.A.A.G. 0: The Demo"

Good demo. It looks like the dialogue and writing aren't bad, which is a big factor with how good these kinds of games are. I'm looking forward to seeing what the full game will look like. This might have been short, but it does exactly what a demo needs to do, which is introduce the important elements of the game. The conversation with family at breakfast hints at the story, and we get a look at the setting. It would be nice if it were a little more clear what is required for the medals... I got all of them on my first run through, and I'm not sure exactly what I did for them (no notifications or anything).

If the full game lives up to the standard set by this demo, it's going to be great. I'm looking forward to it.

Marcgal responds:

"I got all of them on my first run through, and I'm not sure exactly what I did for them (no notifications or anything). " You don't say! F#@%, I really thought checked this carefully and that I didn't make any mistakes in the medals code…

Seriously though – now that I set up a new account and tried the game on a new account with a clear medal record it is obvious that the medals are seriously bugged. Thank you for bringing my attention to this. Very sorry for introducing such a bug to this game. I'll try to fix this.

The intention is that you cannot get all medals in one run; you have to restart the game a few times to get all of them. Also the first medal is merely for getting out to town, and I think you do get a medal notification as soon as you leave home, even in spite of the glitches with the medals. So either you didn't manage to leave home yet, which is sorta "the goal" of this game, or there is one more glitch I failed to find yet ☹

Very sorry again and again many thanks for bringing my attention to these serious glitches.

Great demo ! I love that we can use the mouse :) can't wait to play more !

Marcgal responds:

Glad you like it :)

Though, again, credit RPG Maker with the mouse. It comes bundled, I'd have to put some effort to disable it rather than to enable it :)

It's difficult to give a review on such a short demo. There are a few important things that a great game in this genre should accomplish. First, the gameplay should be a fun challenge -- either solving puzzles to progress like in a point-and-click game, or if you introduce combat mechanics then finding creative ways to defeat opponents (other than just picking attack until you're low on health and then healing). Second, the game should create an immersive fantasy world and storyline (preferably branching and non-linear) for the player to experience, as if its main job were to tell a story and the player is a participant. Sort of along the lines of Undertale or Ouroboros or Hyptosis games or something.

With a demo this short, it would be impossible to tell an engaging story. And I have to agree with timeattack that getting washed and dressed and eating breakfast seems more like a chore than a fun gameplaying experience; more like a point-and-click game where you just click randomly on things and eventually make the story progress just by trying everything instead of by figuring things out. So I can't honestly say I think it's heading toward being a great game, but at least I hope I explained why I'm thinking that way and what big-picture things you could focus on to try to improve.

Marcgal responds:

Thank you for you opinion & review.

Though, I must say I'm surprised people find it non-obvious how to get dressed and washed and have to resort to click randomly on everything. I thought I've put enough hints in the dialogue? I thought if my mom with little prior experience with games could, for most part, figure it out on her own, then guys on NG should have little problem with this?

I still wonder where exactly was my mistake here...

OOO IS the Hide and Sick game lol.

Marcgal responds:

In all honestly, I’m not sure what you mean

Please upload finished games.

Marcgal responds:

You hate the idea of demos in general…? There are a few of then on NG