Reviews for "Super Asskick bros"

Everything is sexy, minus the FPS and the chop from time to time. However, what was delivered makes for a great parody, and that's what we needed. We needed something fresh for sure in the mario collection, and THIS belongs there!
Keep up the good work, and refine your animations skills to their fullest potential!

Well.. Uh.. You certainly did deliver exactly what you promised us, didn't you?

The violence was brutal, gratuitous, and, at times, creative, and I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't love it. However, if I could level a complaint, it would be that a lot of the animation was choppy and seemed very frame-by-frame. It could definitely be smoother, and a bit more fluid.

A good example of this, I think, would be one of the fight scenes in the show Superjail. There's at least one in every episode, but I think the absolute best one, at least as far as seeing how to improve animation on a one-versus-many fight, would be called "Combatikus", or something to that effect. All the action in it is very fluid, fast-paced, and extremely violent. I highly recommend giving that a watch sometime, if you happen to like blood-n-guts everywhere.

In closing, I'd say you did pretty well, overall. So, 3.5 stars, and have a good one.


I liked the style of animation even though it had a low of frame rate

Aaron-Johnson responds:

11 to be exact

BRUTAL? Oh yeah.
GORE AND VICERA? Splattered all over the place.
Mario rolling like Pimp Daddy? MOST CERTAINLY!
This was not bad at all. It would have been a bit nicer if it was a little cleaner in animation. It sort of had this jerky low resolution quality to it and oh if the splatter fest would have been a little sharper... but frame rate does add time to render understandably and this was just a light BLOODY parody.

This fit Mario very well. The sound and "acting" fit perfectly but at moments the flow of the story got a bit disjointed. Don't get me wrong, if this was bad I would be rating it as such. I want to see more and know you will improve. It was a demented little view for sure all in good fun.

How about Mario and Link getting into a fight? Go completely DBZ with it. Mario giving Link a huge dick-slap would probably land you front page on Newgrounds ASAP. So who has the bigger sword between the two? You have a touch with the Ultraviolet I bet you can pull this off. Super AssKick could be a great series.

Keep up the great work!