Reviews for "Stellar Squad"

This is a very fun game to play, nice mechanic and well balance difficulty. Medals work and I earned them all.

I've been coming to Newgrounds in order to play games for about ten years now. I've never felt the need to make an account, since it was not necessary in order to play games.
I just made an account right now in order to congratulate you. This is in all my time on Newgrounds, the best game I've ever played. Thank you.
I just finished the campaign, now going for the entire 100%. Please make more games, or make more levels and expand this game. Seriously. I've played this game the entire week, couldn't wait to get home and continue it. Thank you. And please let me know if you continue with the game or another series.

platonskedow responds:

Hey, thanks for your kind words!
Yeah, I'm still in business and will continue making new games and possibly improving the old ones :) E.g. right now I'm working on a spanish translation for this game and next I'll try to add a new Endless mode for those who is seeking for additional challenge and a good way to grind more credits.
But possibly my next games will be published on other platforms. I'm not a hobbyist, and right now is really hard to make any noticeable money making web games.

wow, it's absolutelygreat game.

A true masterpiece. Everything is superb.

Badass Game, Really addicting.
And also FREE.

Even without the premium is still fun.