Reviews for "Infinity - To The Top"

I miss playing these types of games

13rice responds:

Thanks dude ! ^^

I really enjoy this game. It has a classic arcade style feel to it (with some upgrades of course) and the gameplay is extremely addicting.

This is really well made but the start of the game is way too hard and sometimes makes you stop wanting to play.

13rice responds:

Thanks for your review, I will had an easy mode, currently too difficult for new players =/

very solid space shooter/endurance game.

the game has a very nice sound track and visual design, the hit boxes are nice and small making the heptic situations survivable and the encounters are a great way to introduce players to stronger enemies that randomly appear later on.

the 1 hit kills on hard modes would normally annoy me but since this game's pick ups spawn fairly early on it's not really an issue for this game, it's pretty nice for killing off a bad run quickly actually.

the shop system seems a bit tacked on though seeming like arbitrary replay value noting the length of most of the missions and how little money you gain from them compared to the prices in the shop, plus with the purchases like 1 + 1 = 3 makes the high score system a bit more favourable towards grinding rather than raw skill, of course it's not game breaking but since leaderboards are built to encourage competition it makes an impression that you should grind the missions like getting arbitrary items instead of ones that can benefit your current run the most.

though even with that it's still a fun, difficult time killer with a skill based competitive edge.

also i like how this scoreboard works like arcade machines of just entering a name instead of having to have an account for the site it's made for.

Gameplay is good, as well as most parts of the game are - no need to say any more here. One silly thing I noticed, however, is missions - their "difficulty" varies (like, for "play 5 games" I could kill my ship at the start or even outright retry run with a button click) but all in all they provide little more than some extra work for someone who wants to get higher score.