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Reviews for "Yum."

somewhere over the horizon there's beautifully hand-crafted pieces of art...and this red thing floating about

achieved enlightenment by consuming the sun... awesome :)

Loved the style of this animation. Sometimes it's okay to keep things simple, eh? This idea is really entertaining, and the ending definitely wasn't what I was expecting, which I'm not very used to after lurking on NG for so many years. Tell your friend that he's a hell of a mixer, by the way- I totally agree with you that it wrapped everything together nicely. Great animation, I hope you made high marks in class!

This was pretty damn awesome! The animation itself looked great and the various sound effects used were spot on. The story was odd and interesting at the same time, excellent job overall

great sound design. Really added to the motion and the chomps. I loved the animation everything seemed really nicely timed